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our new Southpaw Challenger


Say hello to Southpaw Challenger!


A contemporary pale ale brewed in a hop-forward style to showcase two of our favourite hop varieties - Challenger and Northern Brewer.

Nottingham’s famous prize fighter, William Abednego ‘Bendigo’ Thompson was once challenged to throw a brick across the river at Trent Bridge with his left hand. He won the bet and the achievement has never been matched. A true Southpaw Challenger.


"For the past three and a half years I've brewed Nottingham Brewery's range of beers, in the traditional way.  Now the time has come for me to put my own signature to a beer that follows the Nottingham Brewery tradition yet in a contemporary style."

                                                     -George Darby- Brewer 


Our latest beer project is a brand new, modern, hop-forward pale ale. It’s already been brewed, and it’s over at the kegging and canning people this week - the latter being a first for us.



Southpaw Design 3.jpg

The cans were designed by Raphael Achache, a freelance illustrator who you might have seen doodling portraits on beer mats during Nottingham Craft Beer Week and at local beer festivals. His work has also appeared many times in LeftLion magazine. 

The cans are available on our web shop and the new beer will also be on draught from the keg at both The Plough and The Frame Breakers.

Why Tradition matters


Here at Nottingham Brewery we’d like to think that we’ve sussed traditional British pale ale as a style over the years, since we currently feature four in our regular cask range. However, with this new brew George, our head brewer, wanted to do something less traditional in approach, while still retaining the brewery’s distinctive character. Hence the decision was made to go with a beer brewed with can and keg in mind.

It's All About Our New Beer.


"This week we've made a new beer, everything in the brewery seems to be about the website or the new beer, oh how things have changed! 

The new beer is particularly exciting for me, being a little out of my comfort zone of traditional ales.


It has been great to have had the whole team getting behind this new innovative project, bringing a new aspect to broaden our beer portfolio in this ever changing market. 


The new beer will fit ideally into our expanding online shop, which is now being offered for national distribution."

                                -Philip Darby, Nottingham Brewery

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